Shiftconnector® empowers industrial shift teams creating safer, smarter and stronger manufacturing plants

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Industry 5.0 solutions: Improve productivity by connecting Humans and Technology

Shiftconnector enterprise platform is revolutionizing the way knowledge is transferred within industrial organizations. By facilitating seamless communication across all levels of plant operations, Shiftconnector ensures that critical information is shared efficiently 24/7. Shiftconnector provides a single source of truth, connecting workers at all levels and process-relevant systems. Its enhanced tier collaboration dashboard escalates issues, enables reporting and cascades communications to the right teams to streamline decision-making at every level.

This innovative platform enables a dynamic conversation with your data, transforming complex and previously untapped information into a strategic asset. During each shift, tacit knowledge is documented and pure process data is given the necessary context. Shiftconnector supports the transition from this operational data to actionable insights, facilitating faster troubleshooting accelerated by AI. The result is a robust framework that empowers consistent, informed decision-making across generations of shift teams, ensuring operational excellence.

Shiftconnector not only optimizes internal workflows but also sets a new benchmark for industrial knowledge management and decision-making. Key features of Shiftconnector include:

  • Transparent shift communication in 24/7 manufacturing
  • A Smart Search feature that provides historic knowledge for manufacturing challenges in situations such as troubleshooting
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) reporting and other KPIs to drive cost and optimization
  • Continuous Improvement capabilities to improve quality, performance and sustainability.

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About eschbach
Headquartered in Bad Säckingen, Germany and in Boston, MA, in the U.S., eschbach develops software for plant process management. Shiftconnector® provides a new level of digital team communication and collaboration that ensures safety and improves plant effectiveness. The award-winning solution is trusted worldwide by leading manufacturing companies such as Bayer, DuPont, BASF, and Roche. For more information visit