Bimasakti Property and Tenancy Management System

inden PT. Realta Chakradarma

Property and Tenancy Management System: BIMASAKTI

Bimasakti Property & Tenancy Management system designed to help Building Management work more efficiently and effectively through the entire processes, start from Rental Unit, Sales & Marketing, Tenant Relation, Billing, Maintenance & Engineering, Finance & Accounting, Purchasing & Inventory and Back Office process.
This comprehensive system covers all of property types such as Shopping Center, Apartment, Office, Residential, Co-working Space, and Commercial Area.

Bimasakti, a fully integrated system, reduces cost and potential lost & drives profit and stable cash flow through improved business processes.
By automation in administrative area, operational excellence become possible so Building Management can achieve 100% tenant satisfaction.

In Tenancy area, Mobile Tenant Apps from Bimasakti allows tenant to request, complain and monitor its progress at anytime anywhere 24 hours / 7 days. With Mobile Tenant Apps, tenant also easy to access all information, message and do the payment as simply as their finger tips.

Bimasakti transforming the property image with a new look and new way of delivering a service through technology in the digital era.