TransformPlus for Data Transformation

inden TCS - MasterCraft

Design & execute data transformation or migration initiatives with absolute accuracy thru automation

TCS MasterCraft™ TransformPlus - The Data Transformation Edition helps to design and execute data transformation and migration initiatives, such as capturing metadata from both source and target, mapping attributes for both, ensuring actual translation of the mappings and providing transformation rules for the target.
The product has workbenches for data extraction, migration and transformation of both legacy (mainframe databases) and relational databases. It also supports data migration for various scenarios like warehouse migration, legacy modernization, ERP to ERP data migration, in-house databases to cloud migration, and provides a framework for executing end-to-end data migration projects, right from the discovery to the implementation phase.

  • Capturing and Refreshing Metadata - Captures metadata, by uploading the metadata file or by connecting to the database, for storing it in a product repository for its relational structure. Connect Cloud DB feature enables users to capture metadata from DBs that are hosted on cloud.
  • Mapping Design - Enables users to define the relationship among the source, target and intermediate tables, besides setting mapping or transformation rules for target and intermediate fields. The product supports intelligent editing of mapping designs in case of metadata used in refreshed mappings.
  • NoSQL Transformation - Converts relational database into equivalent JSON format and stores it in NoSQL DB or files.
  • Entity Based Migration - Migrates an entity (a group of related source tables) from source to target environment to maintain data atomicity and integrity. Either the entire data is migrated from the source to a target based on the user defined group or no data is migrated in case of errors at any point.
  • Migration Build - Generates COBOL or Java migration codes, enabling users to execute data migration for specific target system types. This feature allows users to maintain data dependencies through sequencing of tables or mappings and perform user defined data migration. The product generates java code based on the sequence of mappings defined in Java code generation UI and code is executed based on the defined sequence.
  • Reporting - Provides details of the rules applied on the source, intermediate and target fields of the table for mapping design.

  • Automated Conversion – Automated metadata is captured and converted from hierarchical to relational DB.
  • Automated Extraction – Automated data is extracted from legacy sources to equivalent relational structures.
  • Accelerated Migration – Automated data migration is carried out from legacy to non-relational DBs.
  • Portability – Portable code is generated for COBOL and Java technology for enabling data migration.