Dynamics 365 and AX Connector for DocuWare

durch Inway Systems GMBH

Connect your DocuWare document management system with your D365

Many companies still do not have a consistent system for storing and archiving important documents. Often there is a colorful mix of digitally archived data and documents in classic Leitz folders. Even with the use of DMS solutions like Docuware and digital archives, there is still a lot of uncontrolled growth of documentation. Documents are tagged manually - and thus differently each time - and stored in the DMS. There are no connections between DMS and ERP.

This is where the Dynamics 365 and AX Connector for Docuware from Inway Systems comes in. It is the link between the Docuware and Microsoft Dynamcis ERP-System. It automates and unifies the entire filing and archiving process -100% error-free.

You connect your ERP with your DMS ...

... and increase the advantages of Docuware and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Inway's Dynamics 365 and AX Connector for Docuware merges the two solutions into one, significantly increasing your efficiency. To archive and find documents you do not have to leave the ERP: The indexing and object-related filing of documents are fully automatic and error-free.

Furthermore, Docuware is one of the few providers, who has completely developed his DMS solution as SaaS from the cloud. In interaction with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Dynamics 365 and AX Connector for Docuware you have a complete solution from the cloud - with reliable and quick access to any date, documents and information, without leaving your familiar working environment.

Automation of Invoice Imports

Previously, incoming invoices had to be created manually in Microsoft Dynamics before they could be posted and archived. Today, this also works the other way: You simply store the invoices in the Docuware-DMS and let it extract the necessary invoice information. From here, all relevant invoice data is then imported directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365. Simplifying and automating this process saves you a lot of time and money every day.

How you benefit:

  • You save time and money by automating daily processes
  • You have a flexible solution that adapts to your needs and grows with your requirements
  • You avoid manual errors because filing, archiving and tagging is automated
  • In combination with Microsoft Dynamics 365, you have a complete Solution from the Cloud

  • Adaptation is possible without programming

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