ADAX Life Science for D365 for Finance & Operations


Advanced product quality management LIMS solution inside Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

ADAX Life Science is a comprehensive quality management solution for life science and food organizations. Fully embedded inside D365, the solution bring cutting-edge features for managing the quality process of your organization.

TVH Consulting collaborated with numerous pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food companies in order to design inside D365 for Finance and Operations a comprehensive quality management solution with the following major business requirements:

  • Out-of-the-box workspace for quality assurance, quality control, sampling management
  • Batch sampling
    • Sample types
    • Picking plans configuration (unique, statistical average, fixed, etc.)
    • Sample size
    • Sample library
    • Sample receipt and picking per laboratory
    • Sample labels configuration
  • Specification tests
    • Specification versions and workflow validation
    • Tests library with sample policy
    • Quality control creation criteria per process
  • Stability check
  • Retests
  • Quality control automatic creation with related quality orders per laboratory
  • Batch release with status and validation phase
  • Test results
    • Raw data
    • Formulas
    • Calculation from configurable formula
    • Equipments and Reactives management
    • Result inheritance
    • Multiple required approvers per result
  • Reporting
    • Configurable labels
    • Certificate of Analysis
    • Certificate of Conformity
    • Batch record

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