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News Ticker Webpart - announcements and news as a marquee on your SharePoint site

The News Ticker Webpart creates a marquee which uses items from a SharePoint announcement list or a custom list.  The ticker design and display type can be freely adjusted.

If you want to use the Ticker with an custom announcement list, just add a new announcement list to your site and add a new HyperLinkColumn with the name "Link" to the list. Then edit the Webpart and fill the name of the announcement list in the Webpart property "News Ticker List".

The News Ticker Add-in doesn't support the public facing websites in SharePoint Online and users with anonymous access in OnPremises environments.

For help contact or go to our knowledge base:

IMPORTANT: the RSS feed is not working any more in Version 1.x.x.x. Please update to Version instead and try using the rss feed again.

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