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Happy Birthday


3.5 (22)

Little free app that you can use in order to manage and visualize birthday information

"Happy Birthday" is a little free app that you can use in order to manage and visualize birthday information within your company or Team site.

The visualization App has a nice effect, like a little slider.

The app is fully customizable in terms of birthday's information, colors used, fonts, animation effect, text to display....

Note that you can add any values that you want; not only internal users of your company, but also external, VIP or historical figures.

Don't hesitate to send feedbacks, comments or remarks.

* General bug fix and improvements on version

  • Fix error on the installation of the App

* General bug fix and improvements on version

  • Thanks for your feedbacks...
  • Filter > "Display birthdays starting from the current month until the end of the year" has been renamed to "Display birthdays starting from the current month and day until the end of the year (not all birthdays)"
  • Same filter > Sort the Birthday by Month & Day
  • Same filter > Filter the current month (and not last month)
  • Same filter > Take into account the current day of the month
  • First support of Internet Explorer 8 (change the font color of the left text to black for example)

* First page of the Administration site

  • Added version number on the 'Faq & Support' description
  • Added the visualisation of the App Part on top of the page (the old image is visible on the first installation however)
  • Changed the title "View the result" to "View the result in full screen"

* List used to store "Happy Birthday" values

  • Changed the display name from 'Anniversary' to 'BirthDay'
  • The field 'Language' is now hidden (as not already used)

* Version

  • Note on Internet Explorer 8: Unfortunately, on this first release, the App "Happy BirthDay" is not working on Internet Explorer 8