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Resize selected images in a Picture or Site Assets libraries

Often, images that end up in a SharePoint picture library have a pixel resolution far greater than is useful on the browser that they'll be rendered within. This is certainly true of the pictures taken with today's high-res cameras. Besides occupying unnecessary storage space, large images result in slow image rendering. While it's best to resize images before they're uploaded to a picture library, this often isn't done - because it's a hassle.

Image Resizer App is a tool that lets you easily resize images after they've been uploaded to a SharePoint picture library, based on a maximum pixel width and height specified, while maintaining their aspect ratio.

After the App is installed on a site, a new Resize Images button will appear on the FILES tab of each picture library's ribbon, and a Resize Image option will be available on the item menu for each image.

To resize multiple images in one operation, select the images to resize using item checkboxes and then click the Resize Images button located on the ribbon's FILES tab. To resize a single image, choose the Resize Image option from the item menu. In either case, a dialog will be displayed where maximum image height and width in pixels can be specified that each image should be resized to. The ability to rotate images left or right is also provided. Click the Resize button to process the images, or close the dialog to cancel the process.

A record of each resize operation can be found in the Resize Log list created when the app is installed.

Turning on versioning on a picture library can be used to preserve an original image, if needed.

NEW in the version 2.0: the resize functionality available for a Site Assets library as well, and the library has to exist before this app is installed.

The limitation of this free version is that the maximum size of a resized picture is 1280x1024px. Contact us if you'd like to have a version without this limitation.

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