Directable TV Digital Signage

Directable Inc.

Send your PowerPoint presentation to one or hundreds of Smart TVs with a single click.

Would you like to use your PowerPoint presentation as a powerful sales and marketing tool? Directable allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentations to our backend service and then present them on TVs - anywhere - anytime.

Organizations worldwide are engaging their audience and driving new sales using Directable TV. With Directable TV you can easily send your presentation to TVs with a single click.

Setting up Directable is easy. Using an Android TV or Android device, install the Directable application. You'll be given a unique code for that TV. Then, signup for a Directable account (30 day free trial) plug in the code for that TV, and you can then start sending your presentations to your TVs.

This addin supports the latest versions of modern browsers (IE11/Edge, Chrome, Firefox etc.) The older versions of IE browsers such as IE9 and IE10 are not supported.

Publisher-iHost Networks Inc.

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  • Es kann Daten über das Internet senden.
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