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Use this add-in to load your spreadsheet data into existing SharePoint list in very secure manner.

There is always a need to periodically (daily/weekly/monthly) move your excel & CSV files into existing SharePoint lists. Most of cases you already have lists filled with data and you will need to periodically add more rows by importing it from excel/CSV. Out of the box there is not an easy way to do it. With this add-in now you can do it fast and free of cost. Try the add-in, if any issues contact for free support.


-Upload Spreadsheet or CSV file data to existing list.

-Map Spreadsheet or CSV Columns to SharePoint Lists.

-Not null list columns must be mapped to a Spreadsheet or CSV column.

-Add-in will show error logs for each failed records.


-Works with SharePoint Online or on-premise.

-No feature requirements.

-Supports IE 10+, Firefox (latest), Chrome(latest)


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