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Easily write and distribute meeting minutes

Decisions is an award-winning solution that powers meeting collaboration, engagement and productivity for users of Microsoft 365.

Decisions Meeting Documents Manager for Word works together with Decisions Meeting Secretary for Outlook and Decisions for Microsoft Teams to offer a full meeting lifecycle solution. With Decisions Meeting Documents Manager, taking meeting minutes, assigning tasks and tracking decisions has never been easier.


  • One click to generate meeting minutes based on the agenda.
  • Customized minutes templates.
  • Smart notetaking automatically syncs tasks and decisions to Microsoft Planner, To Do or Excel.
  • Share the minutes for review before distributing them.
  • Convert the final minutes to a PDF and send them directly from Word.
  • Electronic signature available.

Trusted by thousands of customers, Decisions is the only meeting solution built entirely into Microsoft 365 for an easy-to-use and secure solution for better meetings, leveraging the tools you use every day. Your free trial starts right away. No credit card or commitment required.


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