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Create personalized documents and insert personalized content with just a few clicks.

We believe that being able to customize a document with just a few clicks to purpose fit individual business needs will make each employee within an organization more productive. That is why we created this modern Wizard Add-In for Office allowing users to personalize documents with just a few clicks.

The Wizard allows users to easily enter or select your organization’s data within Word. Intelligent placeholders will take over the job of surfacing the data wherever needed in the document. This will even update headers and footers automatically without any user ever having to touch them.

The Wizard simplifies the making of letters, minutes, contracts, statements of work, reports, agreements, RFPs or whatever your users in your organization might produce using Word. It is simply an easy and efficient way to save your users time in personalizing and customizing documents in Word.

Additionally, all documents created within your organization will automatically be more consistent as well as design and legal compliant.

All of this comes macro free as a service available globally across devices or platforms.

|> Licensing options

  • Free evaluation license included (for evaluation purpose only)
  • Purchase required for production use with Microsoft 365 Work or School accounts
  • Free when using with Personal Microsoft Account

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  • REQUIREMENTS: This Add-In requires an Microsoft 365 Work or School Account or a Microsoft Personal Account for sign in.


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