List Aggregator Content Roll Up

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Allows rolling up or combining lists from subsites to a new list on the main site

The "List Aggregator" add-in enables you to rollup or combine lists from subsites to a new aggregated list on the main site.

  • The add-in creates an aggregated list in the main site for all lists with the same name in subsites.
  • The aggregated list contains all columns and list items of the lists of the subsites.
  • The aggregated list is a normal SharePoint list in the host web. Therefore, for example the following can be done with the aggregated list:

- Free design of the look & feel of the aggregated list.

- Creating custom views for the aggregated list.

- Further processing of data in the overview list in e.g. Workflow.

- Rights control for the aggregated list or individual entries in the aggregated list with the SharePoint rights management system.

  • The data in the aggregated list can be refreshed at any time by using the add-ins refresh-function.

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