Active Directory Address Book


Publish your company Active Directory users information as an address book on your SharePoint Site

Publish users contact details as an Address Book on your SharePoint site.

The Address Book can be linked to a SharePoint list maintained manually or synchronized with your Azure or local Active Directory via our PowerShell scripts.

Main features:

  • Multiple views : single list, alphabetical, per department, per Microsoft Teams
  • Export contacts to MS Excel
  • Different themes/skins for smooth integration with your site colours
  • Possibility to change the display of card layout
  • Integrated search engine with diacritic symbol support
  • Documentation included
  • Simple and easy deployment
  • Compatible with SharePoint and SharePoint online

License required for more than 50 contacts.

♦Change logs♦

V1.3.4.1 (2020/08/18)

  • Added support for the Microsoft Teams view

V1.3.3.6 (2020/07/16)

  • Added possibility to use a list located on any site collection

  • Added support to prefilter the list content with a predefined view
  • Improved support of On-Premise server
  • Improved custom card layout: new supported type, possibility to customise the searchable field, more user defined field
  • Improved the customisation of the list view and the Excel export
  • Fix: Various minor bug fixes

V1.3.2.0 (2020/01/30)

  • Fix: The spPageContextInfo was not properly loaded on 'Modern' site
  • Fix: Repaired the defaul theme to be the same as the main aadd-in
  • Fix: Improved stability and layout

V1.3.0.0 (2019/11/13)

  • New: Possibility to show/hide export excel button and list view button

V1.2.1.11 (2018/06/18)

  • Fix: Improved the search by supporting diacritic symbol
  • Fix: Redesigned the webpart settings
  • Fix: Improved the quick guide
  • New: Added Company, GivenName and Surname fields
  • New: Added Manager field and browsing
  • New: Added the possibility to change the layout (custom layout available on request(*2))
  • New: Added the possibility to sort by DisplayName, GivenName or Surname
  • New: Added the scrolling capability to the cards tab (switchable through the webpart settings)

V1.2.0.8 (2018/04/03)

  • Fix: Solved an issue with the installation on a subsite
  • New: Added version check/reminder
  • New: Now you can create an empty list, with all the required columns, from the 'management console'

V1.1.0.0 (2018/02/19)

  • New: Added Excel export
  • New: Added list view
  • New: Added SharePoint list as a source

More details on our web site

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