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Access Diligent’s best-in-class governance software within Microsoft Teams.

Access Diligent Boards – the world’s leading board management software – in Microsoft Teams. Make board & committee meetings more efficient and productive with instant access to the information directors and executives need before, during and after meetings in a centralized, secure environment. With purpose-built functionality for Microsoft Teams, Diligent Boards provides users with critical meeting and governance information to save time, be more efficient and protect document privilege.

With Diligent Boards for Microsoft Teams users can:

• Access their unique version of a board book or committee materials as shared in Diligent Boards within a Microsoft Teams meeting

• Keep pace with the presenter of the meeting by following the position in a book to ensure users stay on the right page

• View the agenda as set in Diligent’s Agenda Builder within the Microsoft Teams meeting window

• Track the amount of time left to discuss the current agenda items relative to the time designated per item

• Keep pace with the market through ESG news and reputation monitoring, real-time analytics and market intelligence

• Mark up meeting materials and create shared or private notes to prepare for an upcoming meeting

• Action votes, resolutions or written consents with signature-based voting, real-time voting tallying, and providing commentary

In order to use this app, you need to have ‘Diligent Director’ access. Please [contact us](


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