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Get notified about Backlog updates and add tasks to Backlog in Microsoft Teams.

Turn your Microsoft Teams conversations into actionable and accountable tasks in Backlog.

Backlog, the all-in-one project management tool, gives your team everything they need to create, assign, collaborate on, and deliver their best work — and now you can integrate your communication tool Microsoft Teams with your favorite work tool Backlog.

Get notified in Teams about updated tasks in Backlog and add tasks in Backlog right from Teams.

Stay updated on Backlog tasks from Teams

With Backlog for Teams, you can not only get notified about crucial task updates in Teams, but also view the current status of a task from Teams. Get notifications in Teams whenever your collaborators are adding issues, updating issues, commenting on issues, deleting issues, and updating issues in bulk.

Just have your Backlog administrator follow these steps to connect to Backlog.

And please refer to our help content for detailed terms of use.

Create Backlog tasks from Teams

While having conversations in Teams, you can create new tasks in Backlog without leaving your Teams app. Never let an important decision go unaccounted for again by creating action items in Backlog you can then track to completion.

Keep your data safe with Nulab Pass

When used with our security subscription Nulab Pass, you have optimum control of who and what can access your tools and information. You can use Backlog and Nulab Pass together to manage account authentication via the Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Backlog for Teams

Consolidate all of your conversations and tasks with Backlog for Teams to help you plan, organize, and execute work seamlessly. You can also utilize Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 to fetch and view issues from Backlog. Try it out by asking: “Show in progress Backlog issues due today.”

An active Backlog account is required to use the integrations. If you’re new to Backlog, try it free for 30 days.

About Nulab

Nulab makes creating simple and enjoyable with our collaborative software, including Backlog, Cacoo, and Typetalk.


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