Spreadsheet Sync

durch Intuit - Quickbooks

It syncs your QBO Adv data directly with Excel, enabling businesses to build customized reports

Spreadsheet Sync brings the power and flexibility of Excel to your QuickBooks Online Advanced accounting and financial data. Designed for finance teams and accountants, this add-in easily and accurately syncs your critical financial data to Excel, so you can work confidently with the spreadsheet tool you know. It provides powerful reporting capabilities with live data, and lets you bulk upload and edit transactions from Excel back to QuickBooks. You can even consolidate data from multiple companies in QuickBooks Online Advanced.

There is no need to worry about manual data entry, upload limits or messy CSV imports and exports. You can use Spreadsheet Sync to create, edit, or archive journal entries, purchase orders, bank transactions, timesheets, tracking categories, chart of accounts, contacts, items, bank transfers, employee information, bills and invoices in bulk, and then sync directly from Excel to QuickBooks.

Users subscribed to Quickbooks Advanced only, can use this add-in to connect their company to a spreadsheet


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