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Who is in the office? Who is working remotely? hyOffice brings people together.

The hyOffice app makes hybrid work easy. Your team can see exactly who is in the office for a meeting and who is participating virtually, such as working from home. Best of all: With automatic check-in, you can always rely on hyOffice. No QR codes, no mobile app check-in. hyOffice just works.

Increase your team's satisfaction and productivity and reap the benefits of hybrid working with hyOffice. Encourage face-to-face interaction in the office while creating a modern work culture where everyone can work in the place that best suits their current task and situation.

Use the hyOffice app to:

- see if an employee is working from the office or home office today.

- see which meeting attendees are also in the office today.

- better plan your days in the office based on workload.

- make better decisions about increasing/decreasing office space.

Get started right from your corporate account. hyOffice is seamlessly integrated into your Microsoft environment: Single sign-on (SSO) and integration with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365 come standard with hyOffice. Our commitment to privacy-by-design ensures that your data is always secure.

You can try hyOffice free for 2 months with no restrictions. Small teams can even use hyOffice permanently for free.

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Hinweise für die Verwendung dieses Add-Ins:
  • Es kann Daten über das Internet senden.
  • Dieses Add-In kann auf persönliche Informationen in der aktiven Nachricht zugreifen, beispielsweise Telefonnummern, Anschriften oder URLs. Das Add-In sendet diese Daten möglicherweise an einen Drittanbieterdienst. Andere Elemente in Ihrem Postfach können weder gelesen noch geändert werden.

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