Glossary by Sysdoc

durch The Sysdoc Group Limited

A user-friendly glossary web part designed for easy navigation, assisting your users in finding the

Introducing a user-friendly glossary web part for your SharePoint site, streamlining the maintenance and updating of terms via the standard SharePoint list management interface. Elevate user experience with enhanced navigation and improved relevance by seamlessly linking related terms.


  • Effortlessly create your SharePoint glossary list with a single click directly through the web part's property panel.
  • Manage and update your term list with ease through the standard SharePoint list functionality.
  • Toggle 'related' terms — empower users to navigate between similar terms seamlessly.
  • Toggle a 'copy button' — allow users to copy a direct link to a term for easy sharing.

Getting Started:

  1. Follow these steps to install the web part on your site (Using web parts on SharePoint pages - Microsoft Support).
  2. Once installed and added to your page, click 'edit' on the Glossary web part to open the properties panel.
  3. Click the 'Create Glossary List' button to automatically generate a SharePoint list for your questions within your site contents.
  4. Select the newly created list from the "Select a list" dropdown in the property panel, then click apply.
  5. Visit your site contents, open the Glossary list, and add your questions with ease (You can effortlessly add, remove, or edit terms at any time).
  6. If you wish to use related terms, you can seamlessly add the links through your term list item.
  7. You can easily toggle features through your web part's property panel.

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