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Efficiently manage employee absences in Microsoft 365 with absentify.

absentify SharePoint Add-in: Absence management directly in SharePoint

The absentify SharePoint Add-in complements the absentify solutions in Microsoft Teams and Outlook, adding a specialized SharePoint component. This Add-in allows users to integrate the absentify application as a team overview into SharePoint pages for efficient absence management.

  • Integration of absentify application in SharePoint: Embed the absentify team overview directly into your SharePoint pages.
  • Customizable Webpart Configuration: Select a specific department when embedding the Webpart. The absentify application will then display the team overview of this department on the SharePoint page.
  • Access Rights Management: Users view department overviews according to their access rights. If rights are lacking, they see all departments they have access to.

Main Functionalities:

  • Seamless integration of the absentify app into the SharePoint environment.
  • Automatic synchronization with Microsoft AD and Outlook for consistent data and calendar integration.
  • Flexibility and adaptability through Webpart configuration options, suitable for various team and department structures.

The absentify SharePoint Add-in is an extension of the absentify solution, offering a specialized application for SharePoint users in addition to Teams and Outlook. It simplifies absence management by integrating directly into the SharePoint environment.

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