Copilot for Service

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Copilot for Service modernizes service solutions in agent's flow of work.

Copilot for Service synthesizes vast amounts of data already available from trusted knowledge sources to enhance customer experiences and boost agent productivity. Without costly rip and replace efforts, Copilot for Service provides flexibility to quickly begin realizing the benefits of bringing data from existing investments in CRM and contact center solutions such as Salesforce. And since Copilot for Microsoft 365 is included in Copilot for Service license, agents are equipped more broadly with productivity enhancements in their flow of work across the tools agents already use every day, such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

A Microsoft 365 Global Administrator is required to install and set up Copilot for Service. Copilot for Service also requires a paid license in order to access the app capabilities. For more details, please visit the Copilot for Service website or contact your Microsoft representative.

Copilot for Service allows administrators and users to access content and share data outside of Microsoft 365, including with third-party customer relationship management (CRM) services. Such data sharing is subject to Microsoft and applicable third-party CRM terms and conditions. Data sharing is not enabled until administrators and users in your organization consent to connect their Microsoft work or school account with their CRM account.

Copilot for Service for Microsoft Teams will have permission to participate in Teams meetings and collect Teams meetings data such as meeting recordings and transcripts. [Click here] ( for more information to get started with Copilot for Service.


Wenn diese App verwendet wird, wird sie
  • Es kann Daten über das Internet senden.
  • Diese App kann auf persönliche Informationen in der aktiven Nachricht zugreifen, beispielsweise Telefonnummern, Anschriften oder URLs. Die App sendet diese Daten möglicherweise an einen Drittanbieterdienst. Andere Elemente in Ihrem Postfach können weder gelesen noch geändert werden.

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