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The most useful way to see true signals of change in your KPI is to use a ControlChart (XmR chart)

The ControlChart chart is actually two charts. The X is the data point being measured and mR the Moving Range which is the difference between consecutive data point measurements.

The upper chart (X-Chart) displays the data-points over time (Actuals) together with a calculated average (Average - center-line (CL)). The calculated average is then used to calculate the Upper and Lower Control Limits. The lower chart displays the Moving Range (mR-Chart) with its Average and Upper Control Limit. There is no lower control limit as the value of the difference between consecutive actual-values is recorded as an Absolute Value (positive number).

In this custom visual you can hide the lower chart (mR-Chart).

The calculation of the charts can set to Automatic in this visual. The rules being used for the automatic recalculation are:

- 7 points in a row are above or below the center-line

- 10 out of 12 points are above or below the center-line

- 3 out of 4 points are closer to the UCL or LCL than the center-line

You also can add a data-value that enables manual calculation. The charts will be recalculated at the date-value where the value is set to 1. Need more information? Visit our site at:

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