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Similar to a bubble chart in which the bubbles are tightly packed rather than spread over a grid

xViz packed bubble visualization, we just need one category and a measure to use the Packed bubble as Categories define the individual bubbles, and measures represent the size and color of the individual bubbles.

Xviz Packed Bubble chart is free to use with all the PRO features unlocked in Microsoft Power BI Desktop. However, an additional purchase is required to use the PRO features with Power BI Service, Premium, or

Embedded Scenarios. Learn more about our pricing plans for this visual and our xViz Suite at

Listed below are some of the frequently requested features in idea place and Power BI community that are available with xViz Packed Bubble.

1. Bubble Clustering and Grouping Capability based on Assigned Legend Field

2. Data Label Customization - Choose from different data label formats to display combinations of category, value, and % of total

3. Word Wrap & Responsive Text Options - Enables easier readability of data labels

4. Advanced Conditional Formatting - Visually highlights outliers based on different Rules

5. Bubble Size Customization - Define the minimum / maximum Bubble Size

6. Drilldown Support

7. Number Formatting - enables customization of values based on various business scenarios

8. Summary Table - Tabular View of Data

For any feature requests or questions about this advanced custom visual, please write to us at :

Pro features are listed in the custom visual and additional purchase is required to use the mentioned list. You can get it here:

Dieses Visual ist von Power BI zertifiziert.
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