Ultimate UpSet Plot

Samuel Gratzl

Explore set overlaps of more than three sets interactively

Venn diagrams are a common way to show set overlaps between sets. However, with more than three sets things get messy. In 2014, Lex et. al. published a paper about UpSet; a visualization technique for showing set intersections. UpSet addresses the inherent issues of Venn diagrams by using a completely different approach to visualize the sets and set intersections using bars charts. This is an interactive UpSet Plot implementation based on UpSet.js ( More information can be found at

Common use cases:

* Customer segmentation in which one customer belongs to multiple groups/communities

* HR candidate evaluation in which a candidate has multiple skills

* Advertising channel evaluation

* everywhere in which someone fills out a multiple choice form field, like: "How have you heard from us?"

License Note:

Basic Features are free. However, once advanced features are used a watermark will appear. Reverting the advanced setting or removing the extra set will remove the watermark again. To permanently remove the watermark, you can request a trial license from or visit for order options.

Hinweise für die Verwendung dieses Visuals:
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