NET@PRO Qualitas 4ward


NET@PRO MES System improves the control of the production process in the manufacturing companies

This application is available in English and Italian

NET@PRO MES System improves the control of the production process by integrating production planning, quality, warehouse, maintenance management and machines data collection.

NET@PRO MES software connects the manufacturing machines with the ERP system to collect and exchange data in real-time.

The manufacturing companies who don't have a production and control management software, struggle to monitor their daily production activities and often the production progress is a paper base process. The factory should always be supervised to know what happens in the shop floor processes, and production data should be available in real time to measure resource efficiency.

We developed the NET@PRO MES software for companies with the willingness to have control over their production in real-time, to maximize efficiency. It covers 6 functional areas:

1- Production Management: Product and time data collection, event monitoring and KPI analysis

2- Planning and programming: Planning and sequencing tool in a simulative environment

3- Warehouse and Traceability: Material handling with complete tracking and tracing of products

4- Quality Management: Material and process quality testing and management

5- Maintenance Management: The maintenance activities management is integrated in the production progress

6- Integration with machines: Bidirectional connection with machines and devices of the department

7- Lean thinking: DOBEYA