Boxxstep SaaS - Relationship & Account Mapping


The sales platform that aligns selling with buying through Buyer Engagement and Enablement

Why are B2B sales so much tougher now?

Complex and enterprise sales have got much tougher, here are a few reasons why:

  • High number of people involved in the decision (The average is now 10+)
  • Consensus decisions made by buyer committees not individuals
  • Buying processes are chaotic, difficult and take longer than expected
  • Competitive differentiation is almost impossible to achieve
  • A huge increase in do nothing decisions

Selling has become more about people management than opportunity management.

Boxxstep complements Dynamics 365 and enables you to put your prospects buyer committee at the forefront of your sales activities and to manage your opportunities from the buyer’s perspective.

Who should use Boxxstep?

B2B sales is a team sport and they involve much more than just frontline salespeople.

Boxxstep is for salespeople, sales leaders, sales enablement/operations and of course anyone else who supports the sales engagements.

How does Boxxstep help you?

Boxxstep will complement Dynamics 365 through:

  • Improved qualification, forecasting and close rates
  • Improved deal reviews
  • Improved collaboration internally and with prospects
  • Improved coaching capability
  • Retention of valuable buyer data
  • Manage opportunities from the buyers perspective

Buyer Relationship Management

Boxxstep complements Dynamics 365 and enables you to put your prospects buyer committee at the forefront of your sales activities.

Buyer Committee Engagement

Capture, manage, share and action the who, why, what, when and how of an opportunity.
Focus on the business problem, the buying process and the buyer committee people.
Relationship and Stakeholder Mapping to visualise roles, responsibilities, reporting lines and internal politics within the buyer committee.

Buyer Committee Collaboration

How can you help the buyer committee? Two thirds of prospects stated they would prioritise doing business with company who provide a better buying experience.
Boxxsteps advanced Mutual Action Plans help you to collaborate with buyer committees to guide and help them through the complexity of buying.

Buyer Committee Review

Whether you win, lose or get a no decision outcome it's an opportunity to learn what you do well and what you need to improve.
Don't just get feedback from an individual, get it from different buyer personas across the buyer committee.
Boxxstep makes it easy to request/manage feedback so you can understand how to improve your sales/business performance from the buyers' perspective.

Boxxstep is available in all markets in English language only. 

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