Project Ares

Circadence Corporation

Gamified cyber range learning platform, powered by AI, for cybersecurity skill building

Gamified, immersive cybersecurity learning and assessment platform that hones cyber team skills

Cyber breaches are a frequent news headlines, but the cybersecurity field is facing a growing skills gap. Over 3.5M unfilled security jobs are predicted globally by 2021 – putting data, people and corporate reputations at risk.

Project Ares by Circadence is an award-winning, gamified learning and assessment platform that helps cyber professionals of all levels build new skills and stay up to speed on the latest tactics.

  • Engaged Learning: Through game features like building experience points and earning skill badges, users are motivated to progress and learning retention increases.
  • AI augmentation: Imbedded machine learning technology provides contextual assistance, learning checks, and an in-game automated adversary to help augment instruction and level-up challenges.

With Project Ares, CISOs and CIOs can improve cyber preparedness by upskilling their cyber teams. Human Resources can utilize the platform as an assessment tool to make more accurate IT hiring decisions.

Contact Circadence to learn more about Project Ares running in the Azure cloud with 24x7 availability, global access, and infinite cyber range scalability.