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Management and control of integrity policies in a simple and intelligent way


ClickCompliance is a web app that controls the acceptance and understanding of the company's policies from all stakeholders (employees, suppliers, representatives, resellers). It has a responsive structure, adapted to any mobile device.

All policies and documents follow a multi-level approval process that can be configured for each company department. Every time a new version of policy is published, the system collects the acceptance for the target audience, keeping all the document and acceptance history.

To ensure that the stakeholder really understands the policy, questionnaires with multiple choice answers can be used when the policy is accepted.

In addition, the revalidation function allows your company to track market-imposed renewals and apply them to existing policies and documents. It can also stipulate expiration dates and alerts for users.

Alerts can be configured to remind the need of the policy acceptance, policy and document expiration, approval, etc. The reminders can be also escalated to the managers, turning them accountable for the policy acceptance from their team.

Dashboards presents key performance indicators that monitors all the document governance and can be segmented by policy, department or manager. Also, several Reports detailing who has accepted and not yet accepted each version of the policy.


ClickCompliance can be configured with a Compliance BOT that can reduce almost 80% of the time spent answering questions about the company policies and documents.

The BOT is powered with Artificial Intelligence and can be trained to perform better each user interaction, producing valuable dashboards that guide the need of training and policy review. And if a user question can´t be answered by the BOT, it can always be sent to the Compliance team.

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