COSMO Analytics for Manufacturing BC


Manufacturing analytics solution for Dynamics 365 BC / COSMO AMP - based on a DWH and Power BI

Identify and exploit optimization potential in your production

Manufacturing processes are a complex undertaking. There are many dependencies and adjustment screws that can influence a production process and thus the production costs of goods.

Is the utilization of plants and machines sufficiently high? Even if this can be affirmed, it does not yet say that the plant efficiency is sufficiently high. Set-up times and costs have an impact on production prices as well as excessive scrap quantities.

If production does not run smoothly, this leads either to decreasing margins or to necessary price increases. These are difficult to sell, especially in highly competitive markets.

The overall effectiveness of your system is influenced by factors such as availability, performance and quality and can be measured transparently and comprehensibly by means of corresponding production key figures.

If you know the drivers in your overall system, you can react accordingly and implement targeted optimization measures.

A well-functioning manufacturing process leads to decisive competitive advantages and thus often determines long-term success on the market.

COSMO Analytics for Power BI: Your enterprise business intelligence solution for Microsoft Dynamics - adaptable, scalable & fit for the future

We have distilled the most common requirements from countless customer projects and transferred them to our standard solution. In this way, you also benefit from the most frequently used key figures and attributes. With our Plug & Play solution, you can start tomorrow and gain previously hidden insights.
Discover our Modules:
  • Sales & Orders
  • Inventory & Logistics
  • Purchase
  • Finance
  • Cash
  • Production

Our solution supports a variety of Microsoft Dynamics ERP versions. These include, but are not limited to:
Microsoft Navision
Microsoft Business Central SaaS
Microsoft Business Central on-premises
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management / Finance and Operations
Axapta 2009 / 2012

To cover all needs, connectors partly developed by us are used.

We have already integrated other systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or SAP in individual customer projects.

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