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Bring AI into every meeting — with meeting recaps, agendas, insights and much more

Harness the power of AI and Decisions' extensive meeting process expertise with, an entirely new way to plan, run and maximize your meetings.
As an integrated extension to the core Decisions platform, seamlessly marries state-of-the-art AI models with insights cultivated from years of dedicated meeting management application development — and designed with the world’s leading meetings and organizations in mind.'s key features include:
  • AI Meeting Recaps: Receive precise and succinct summaries of your meetings, synthesized seamlessly from chat logs, transcripts, and more.
  • AI Agenda Assistant: Craft ready-to-use agendas within moments using the intelligent agenda creation tool.
  • AI Messaging Interfaces: Welcome your AI-driven meeting coach. Produce richer content and glean deeper insights faster.
  • AI Insights Dashboard: Prep for the week ahead with tailored overviews.
  • Upcoming enhancements: Stay tuned for more cutting-edge additions, including advanced meeting minutes and facilitation features.

About is an innovative, extensible AI platform that leverages large language models and Decisions’ extensive understanding of meeting processes to revolutionize how organizations plan, run and get the most out of their meetings. is your always available, on-demand meeting assistant. Request a free trial today at
About Decisions
At Decisions, our goal is to make meetings the most productive part of the day. Our award-winning app and new AI platform,, empowers workplace leaders to maximize every meeting run with Microsoft Teams and Office 365, whether they’re remote, in-person or hybrid. Decisions has helped turn millions of minutes spent in project meetings, leadership meetings, and everything in between, into more fruitful outcomes, impacting organization-wide culture changes at Fortune 500s, 10-person nonprofits, and beyond. Start maximizing your meetings today at

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