Footprints for Retail Media

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3 months to data-driven profits: Launch your retail media platform now.

As a Next-Gen Omnichannel Retail Media platform, Footprints AI bridges the consumer data gap between physical and digital retail, transforming the 85% of anonymous shoppers into predictive media audiences that enable retail data monetization to generate 10X more profits in 3 months or less.

  • Footprints AI transforms the way retailers utilize omnichannel customer data, enabling them to generate new revenue streams within 3 months or less. This is achieved through the premiumization of retail media services' value and pricing, delivered across three categories of media channels: in-store, on-site, and off-site, for any retail media network.
  • Retailers & retail properties are looking for an all-in-one solution, with Self-Service UX capabilities, to monetize their customer data from both physical and digital.
  • With Footprints AI, retailers & retail properties can generate 10x more profits from their omnichannel data in 3 months or less, positioning it as the most profitable platform solution to launch an omnichannel retail media network.
  • Brands can experience a 5-8X exponential growth of their ROAS and drive in-store sales by tapping into Footprints AI's unique predictive targeting capabilities that can influence physical shopping behaviors.
  • Footprints AI is a premium, private Managed SaaS delivered within a retailer's IT architecture, in full compliance and with no data sharing, ranking as one of the leading Next-Gen AI-powered omnichannel retail media software platforms.


Omnichannel Behavioral Data Fusion & Profiling

  • Advertisers (CPG & Non-CPG brands) are looking to improve their Return on Ad Spend by being able to predict & influence omnichannel purchase behaviors of retail customers.
  • Behavioral shopping & purchase data is a goldmine for the retail business and their retail data & media offering.
  • With Footprints AI, behavioral shopping & purchase data from both physical and digital retail channels (beyond the volume of registered users only limited to approx. 15%) can transform into premium audience insights.
  • This audience data can revolutionize retail media pricing, go to market success and monetization.
AI Generated Customer Insights

  • Psychographic Profiling: Understanding customers' values, attitudes, life stages and lifestyles based on physical retail behavior and omnichannel shopping habits.
  • Socio-Demographic Profiling: Using AI & behavioral data to predict gender, age & household income of anonymous customers based on their shopping & purchase habits and the context when these patterns happen.
  • Predictive Behavior Modeling: Anticipating future needs, visits, and purchases to optimize customer knowledge and improve relevance across the complete path to purchase.
10X More Valuable Retail Customer Data

  • 10X More Audiences: Beyond transactions & loyalty, Footprints AI enables the transformation of the full 100% of physical and digital visitors into media audiences.
  • 10X More Profitable: Omnichannel behavioral insights fusing both Physical Customer Data & Digital Customer Data can enable premium pricing for both retail media & audience insights

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