Templates Automation

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A Microsoft Word and SharePoint based system for fast and accurate creation of standard documents.

Do you create standard documents?
Our combined use of data lists on SharePoint and standard quick part features in Word allow you to create a tailored quote, proposal or HR form in seconds.
If you use a CRM system, we can also use this as the data store with simple data integration.
How it Works:
Automated templates are created through the use of a workflow process. Once the document type and client information has been selected, the SharePoint workflow that we have installed, will get to work behind the scenes, pulling the relevant information from other areas of your SharePoint to create your desired template.
Each template uses separate quick part fields so the process works for HR, Sales, Marketing and Operations. 
Everyone has different requirements and the core system allows for different fields, different documents and different uses.
For a demo please contact us and we can run through how it works, or see a simple example on our website.  

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