LAB3 Solutions

End to end sensor platform for industrial applications

Buying and maintaining mining equipment is one of the highest cost for mine operators, but drops in productivity can also be costly if equipment fails unexpectedly and takes sections of production offline.   

The introduction of sensors and IoT capabilities to mining has helped to address this challenge.  SensorMine by Lab3 Lumen is your gateway to a goldmine of real-time data, providing an easy-to-implement, low-cost, end-to-end predictive maintenance solution to monitor equipment and access insights 24/7.  By using metrics such as temperature, vibration and transmitting operational data to a centralised cloud platform, SensorMine AI can alert managers to make timely decisions on when equipment should be maintained.

Key Capabilities: 

  • Real time monitoring & alerts: Receive real-time data and alerts from continuous AI powered monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance: Our AI will tell you what to focus on to fix assets before they break
  • Simple, accessible interfaces: See data and insights in simple interfaces, accessible anywhere
  • Data driven decisions: Make data-driven decisions, e.g. get the most out of your asset
  • Simple, effective sensors: Just glue our sensors to assets, no power or complex networking
  • End-to-end solution: From sensors to AI powered insights and ongoing maintenance 

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