AXP365 Clinical Supplies™ for Life Sciences

από AX for Pharma

Manage, connect and optimize your entire clinical supply chain within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Life sciences organizations rely on clear visibility, accuracy, and compliance throughout the clinical supply chain. The Clinical Supplies module for AX for Pharma 365™ was designed to manage the unique complexities of clinical supply chains with advanced functionality, intelligence, and optimizations.
With our complete and integrated clinical supply solution, you can navigate complex supply chains with ease and accuracy in Dynamics 365. From data management and protocol planning to production, packaging, distribution, and forecasting— AXP365 Clinical Supplies™ solution minimizes risk and empowers you to gain control of your supply chain from end to end.

• Connect Your Entire Clinical Supply Chain in One Complete Solution
• Track Inventory and Anticipate Demand with Predictive Insights
• Optimize Planning Processes, Responsiveness, and Delivery
• Improve Forecasting, Scheduling, Manufacturing, and Distribution Processes
• Follow GMP Guidelines While Staying Compliant with Industry Regulations
• Respond Dynamically to Changes with Powerful Visualizations and Real-Time Information

Accelerate Results. Reduce Costs.

The AXP365 Clinical Supplies™ solution enables substantial cost reductions and increased efficiencies while fulfilling the drug product needs of the protocol. You can expect to save as much as 50% in rollout costs, decrease operational costs by as much as 40%, and reduce inventory overages by as much as 35%.
Key features:

• Demand Planning
• Variable Dosing Schemes
• Elaborate Protocols
• Investigative Compounds
• Storage Management & Temperature Conditions
• Packaging Needs & Labeling Requirements
• Clinical Project Planning & Budgeting
• Logistics, Shipping & Fulfilment
• Warehouse Management
and more

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