Brick & Click - An Enterprise Digital Platform

Sonata Software Ltd.

Brick & Click is a Unified Commerce Solution enabling digital transformation for Retailers

Brick & Click is born digital Unified commerce solution on Dynamics 365 which provides digital ready unified operations capability and best in class digital engagement - Instore, Online & Social. It leverages Dynamics 365 Retail functionality and Integrates Retail Analytics, Mobile digital Assistant, and CRM in addition to B2B & B2C thereby making it one of the most comprehensive solution. Being the integrated solution Brick & Click provides a seamless experience across the customer journey across channels including social. You can convert your store into a digital store by leveraging mobile & IoT Technologies, It enables In-store checkouts through mobile App and contextual promotions through IoT technology. Unified operations enhances the efficiency and provide a single view of inventory which enables Click & Collect functionality. It helps in adapting to the demands of both B2B and B2C commerce & business models. Retail Analytics provides 70+ KPIs, Persona Dashboard, Machine Learning based personalized recommendation, 360 View of customer from all channels and Social sentiment analysis. With Brick & Click future-proof your business with all the cutting-edge digital native technologies like AI, ML, IoT, Chatbot, AR, Social sentiment etc. Start your Digital Transformation journey with Brick & Click today
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