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Excellent support, workflow efficiency, ticket management, and better productivity

EvergreenWorx Cases Pro enhances support, improves workflow efficiency, and gets service tickets closed faster.

Did you know that 91% of companies say good help desk support increases overall business productivity? When the stakes for customer service are that high, your IT and sales team need the best tools to ensure success and issue resolution.

What Cases Pro does:

  • Encourage proactive support strategies with automated email delivery and email templates. Keep clients in the loop on case status, case manager changes, product improvements, and more with hands-off notifications.
  • Make sure the right teams are working on the right tasks with automated case routing. Emails sent to your support inboxes will be assigned to the right teams and business units.
  • Focus your team’s efforts on the right projects with internal and external prioritization. Set customer severity to compare against your team’s workload to guarantee excellent service.
  • Monitor hours worked on a case with work start timers and manual time logging.

How Cases Pro improves service ticket resolution times:

  • Streamlines your communications with case timeline communications, visible to key stakeholders, customers, and internal teams.
  • Keep your team productive with tasking and data dashboards so no task goes undone. Leveraging help desk software can save your team 670 working hours per year, as well as reduce the number of phone calls by 10%.
  • With proper prioritization and case routing 25% of your team’s resources can be available for high-priority tasks and incident resolution.
  • Improving your customer support experience can improve returns by 3x compared to those with poorer customer experiences.

About the EvergreenWorx App Suite

Developed on Microsoft’s Power Platform, EvergreenWorx apps offer all the features of enterprise-level products for a fraction of the price. Thousands of integration options, built-in data visualization tools, and low-code customization come standard with each application, including EvergreenWorx Cases Pro. Our app suite is designed to streamline the back office of small-to-midsize businesses. Our solutions are intuitive and extremely affordable, helping you get work done faster while getting the most out of your Microsoft investments.

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