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Law Firm Practice Management Software

Product Vision

The developers behind Curo365 interviewed numerous attorneys to better understand the technologies they are using and where those solutions fall short. What was found was that law firms generally utilize four primary technology components to manage their operations, these components include: (i) Case/Matter Management; (ii) Document Management; (ii) Communications and Calendaring; and (iv) a Financial/ERP system. However, of the lawyers interviewed not a single firm was utilizing a practice management solution that contained all four components. The vision for Curo365 is to provide a single robust solution to optimally handle all of the technology needs within a law firm, which solution will allow those organizations to obtain better transparency into every level of their business and thereby dramatically increase profitability through efficiency and strategy.

Curo365 Key Features

Task Management: Curo365 utilizes its own proprietary tasking system, in conjunction with the tools native to Microsoft Office, to ensure that every instruction disseminated or received by a member of the firm, and the action associated with the instruction has a corresponding time entry that can be billed.

Time Tracking: Time tracking (billing) is standard with any practice management solution. However, the way Curo365 facilitates time tracking enables users to be dramatically more efficient and productive.

Email: Curo365 has the ability to track all emails and connect them to the relevant records within Curo365. These functions are fully integrated with Exchange and Outlook.

Calendaring: Any appointments created in Curo365 will be synchronized with Exchange and display on a user’s Outlook calendar. Each appointment within a practice group can also show up in an Exchange group calendar, which feature allows practice leaders with better insight into each of their attorney’s schedules.

Invoicing: Curo365 is setup to invoice all customers with outstanding billings based on designated time period, and to remind customers via a “statement” about amounts due and owing. The invoices can be sent as a PDF attached to an email or sent to a printer queue, based on each customer’s preference.

Accounting: All of a law firm’s deposits, payments, costs, billings, and transfers are entered into Curo365. This ensures that key employees have instant and meaningful insights into the current financial status of every aspect of the firm.

Reports: Curo365’s reporting functionality is second to none in that all data within Curo365 is available to generate reports and to instantly visualize the data using the “charts” features. Each user has access to a robust set of native reports, but Curo365 is also able to create custom reports specific to the needs of each law firm.

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