Seamless Freshdesk - Dynamics 365 Integration

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Keep your business in sync by quickly integrating Freshdesk with Dynamics 365.

Use Seamless to empower your users with the best information in the right application at the point of need.

Keeping business in sync with Seamless
This templated Seamless sync will keep Dynamics and Freshdesk in sync. Sales personnel, typically using Dynamics, will have complete visibility of what is happening within their Accounts. Additionally, they can provide comments/updates on Cases for Freshdesk agents to see. Users in both systems will have access to the latest Company/Account & Contact information.

Syncing with Seamless is easy
The Dynamics solution contains all the relevant extensions to Dynamics (a complete spec is available). Recursyv will provide instructions for adding cross-reference fields to Freshdesk. Once the systems are ready, Recursyv will run some test syncs to confirm that the sync is working as expected and, assuming that it is, deploy a live version of your sync. Recursyv will also support any data migration required to get the systems "in sync" for the first time.
The sync template, detailed in the Sync Guide, lists all the predefined mappings between fields in both systems. Custom mappings and custom fields can be quickly added.

Seamless is flexible
Your sync can be setup according to your specific needs. Changes can be made to field mappings, new fields can be added, data rules and transformations can be built into the sync. You can subscribe to a refresh frequency in line with your business needs. Your sync can be located in the Azure data region of your choice.

We can support your data privacy requirements by operating a sync in your local Azure data region.

Seamless is provided as a managed service operated by Recursyv
Seamless is mature, cloud-first sync service with uptime figures well in excess of 99.5% over a number of years. Recursyv operate 24/7 monitoring across all Seamless syncs with automated monitoring features setup to both report on sync success as well as alert of any errors.

Seamless has also been built with security as a primary consideration. Seamless does not hold data beyond the life of its passing from one system to the other, typically less than a minute. All data in transit is separately encrypted.

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