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Like domestic groupware, it is a function that displays a calendar list by organization and displays

It is possible to display the list of schedules for organizational units often used in Japan and the free time of facilities such as conference rooms.

Free time schedule confirmation of multiple members is possible.

  • Can create and edit events
  • Organization tree display is possible
  • The schedule of the specified member can be displayed
  • Create multiple favorites (favorite groups)
  • Personal contacts (groups & members) can also be displayed in the organizational calendar
  • Conference room (resource) can be displayed
  • Details of each schedule can be displayed
  • Day view and week view can be displayed
  • Same label can be attached to the entire company
  • Display language can be changed
  • Time zone can be changed
  • You can always display your calendar at the top
  • It is possible to specify the range of time displayed in the day view
  • List view is available (for reception staff)
  • Time frame can be displayed in week view
  • You can check the free time of multiple calendars
  • Search for organizations (groups)

You need to have an active subscription to use this app, please contact bellow URL for more details.

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