AT&T Connected Kitchen with Microsoft Azure Sphere

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AT&T IoT solution with Azure Sphere specific to commercial kitchens

The Challenge:

Few things are as rewarding, and challenging, as running a restaurant or kitchen facility. Successfully navigating the obstacles of operating a kitchen at scale can make or break your client’s business.      The Internet of Things (IoT) holds the promise to help their achieve your vision.   However, many have questions about network security, return on investment (ROI), and ongoing support for connected kitchen projects.

The Solution:

The AT&T Connected Kitchen with Microsoft Azure Sphere seamlessly connects your client’s machines and equipment to the cloud with highly secure network connectivity across the globe.

  • Securely connect to the cloud: The cellular-enabled guardian device powered by AT&T combines multi-layered security of our core network with Azure Sphere’s integrated silicon, software, and cloud services.
  • Global reach with less hassles: The AT&T Global SIM allows you to use the same AT&T subscription across more than 200 countries and territories without the need to re-credential.
  • Out-of-the-box capabilities: Because the AT&T guardian module is based on the Azure Sphere device, all the Azure Sphere security and connectivity features such as data encryption, secure updates, and authentication are available out of the box.



AT&T Connected Kitchen with Microsoft Azure Sphere can help your customer streamline operations, unlock cost savings, deliver an exceptional customer experience, and make great strides toward your sustainability goals.

Enhance efficiency and effectiveness of staff – Provide the information your crew needs to focus on what’s important and get more done

  • Elevate your customer experience – Gain insights to take your customer experience to the next level
  • Transform operations and supply chain – Improve revenue-generating uptime while unlocking cost savings
  • Increase sustainability – Help drive long-term value for shareholders, customers, employees, and society

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