Core Decision

από Clear Dynamics

Cloud-based business rules engine

Core Decision is a highly sophisticated, cloud-based, rules engine that converts complex data sets into meaningful insights. With infinite configuration options, Core Decision streamlines endless business rules and processes so that you can automate more of your interactions with customers, suppliers and products.

Core Decision is built with flexibility and control at it’s core; real-time assessment and code-free changes mean you can make better decisions sooner.


  • Custom rules: configure rules to any specification using custom flows, calculations, scorecards and matrices (rather than modular units)
  • Product specific rules: create product specific decisions to allow for different product characteristics and different risk appetites
  • Multiple streams: create different rule sets for different products/purposes or utilise streams for A/B testing
  • A/B testing: run multiple rule sets simultaneously to compare results
  • Low code: rules are configured in a web-based expression editor (rather than in code) for real-time modification of rules
  • KYC checks: implement bureau checks and run rules and scorecards to assess their risk profile
  • AML checks: implement identity checks and rules to ensure validated identity
  • Real time changes: manage risk better by making changes to rules in real-time
  • Scorecards: use a variety of information including bureau and identity results to score your customers
  • Risk based pricing: price customers based on multiple variables including their risk profile
  • Visualisation: visualise the entire decisioning process (or just a portion of it) instantly, using flow maps and tree diagrams
  • Batch testing: run tests simultaneously, and view results immediately, with the ability to compare multiple rule sets against a variety of expected outcomes
  • Version control and auditing: track changes to any/all decision trees using side by side comparison to isolate changes
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