Beak: Vulnerability Detection & Response

από iLink Systems, Inc.

VDR provides a unified view of digital assets and detects & responds to vulnerabilities.

Beak’s Vulnerability Detection & Response (VDR) platform leverages Azure services to offer continuous monitoring that detects, prioritizes, and fixes vulnerabilities so you’re able to manage and secure your IT Assets effectively. Using this VDR solution, customers receive security alerts before it is too late and can focus on remediating the vulnerabilities that matter the most.

Our VDR provides real-time Assets or dynamic Software Bills of Material (SBOM) that can help gain greater visibility, meaning your enterprise is more secure.


  • Fully automated remediation engine
  • Agent & Agentless Monitoring Platform
  • Unified portal to bring together on-premise and Cloud Infrastructure
  • Highly secured and scalable
  • Reporting analysis and metrics
  • Integrates with existing tools including Azure sentinel
  • Real-time asset monitoring and scanning for security threats
  • Intelligent Alerts powered by AI to avoid false alarm
  • Deep Insights on Devices & Applications with powerful dashboards
  • Monitors growing Docker containers and Kubernetes-based platforms
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