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Newgen Payments Account enables you to access and manage your Guru (Newgen Merchant Portal) account.

Newgen Payments Account enables you to access and manage your Merchant Portal - Guru! You need to have an integration with Newgen Payments before using this listing.

About Newgen Payments

Newgen Payments is a multi-channel e-commerce and international payment gateway company offering fintech solutions to payment service providers, acquirers, financial institutions and e-commerce merchants. The company takes a business-partner approach in helping industry partners to optimize their e-commerce stores and take their payments technology to the next level by boosting sales with dynamic payment gateway features, smart analytics, best-in-class risk analysis, and conversion optimization features.

Guru - Newgen's Merchant Portal

Guru is Newgen's fully integrated merchant portal that enables merchants to have complete view of their payments, generate reports, capture/void transactions and perform refunds. It is a fully managed SaaS solution which comes as a value addition with Newgen's new generation payment gateway. The features of the payment gateway include:

  • Fast On-boarding: Go live quickly in a few simple steps with a fully online on-boarding.
  • Easy Integration: With plugins for all major platforms and languages, integrate and go live instantly.
  • API Driven: Build your business for scale with the complete API-driven automation that requires zero manual intervention.
  • Fraud Prevention: Don't lose customers because of cumbersome fraud tools. Get your transactions approved and fight fraud in real time.
  • Data Security: It's vital to choose a technology partner that doesn't leave you exposed. Newgen is level one PCI certified.
  • Transparent Pricing: An innovative payment solution with competitive pricing makes payments simpler.
  • Best in Industry Support: Always available email, phone, and chat based support to help you in your every step.
  • Dashboard Reporting: Real-time data and insights on your Newgen dashboard to make informed business decisions.

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