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Zap SSRS Report Scheduler

Zap Objects

5.0 (1)

Schedule reports in Dynamics 365 CRM to be emailed on periodic basis (Now added Workflow Capability)

Zap SSRS Report Scheduler App allows you to:

  1. Schedule Dynamics 365 CRM Reports (out-of-box and custom) to be emailed on periodic basis
  2. Run Report using Workflow to attach to email / attach to notes / save to SharePoint.(**New Feature – May 2019)
    Classic Use-Case: Generating Invoice PDF document and sending in email automatically (using workflow)!

  1. Report can be emailed based on configured recurrence pattern (Daily / Weekly / Monthly)
  2. Report can also be automatically saved to SharePoint (Presently only SharePoint Online supported)
  3. Any user (with sufficient rights) can create a report schedule
  4. Report runs under impersonation of user (only records to which user has access will be shown)
  5. Ability to set the report parameters when creating report schedule
  6. Report can be delivered inline in email or as an attachment
  7. Report formats supported: PDF, Excel, CSV, Word
  8. Reports can be emailed to even external email addresses
  9. Bulk Scheduling feature - Ability to schedule single report to multiple CRM Users (optionally each one could recieve only their OWN records)
  10. Workflow capability to generate Report (Send email with report attached / Attach report to Notes / Save report to SharePoint Online)
For more info, refer:

New Update (May 2019):

1. Workflow capability added to Zap SSRS Report Scheduler App

2. Zap Objects now introduces "All-in-One" Annual Subscription plan. The plan covers license for all paid Zap Dynamics 365 CRM Apps!

  1. One simple easy to manage subscription
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Highly affordable
Apps included under this plan:
  1. Zap Copy Record
  2. Zap Team Calendar
  3. Zap Auto-Number
  4. Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case
  5. Zap Email Parser (Email to Any CRM Record)
  6. Zap SSRS Report Scheduler
  7. Zap Lead Qualify Without Opportunity
For more info, refer: