Node Vision - User Poll

by Node Vision PTY LTD.

Create a great looking user poll within seconds and display results as a pie or bar chart.

The User Poll allows you to publish simple polls for users in your organization. The results can be displayed as a pie chart or bar chart.

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use

No coding, CSS or HTML skills needed.

  • Single choice or multiple choice question

Allow users to select multiple options or only a single one.

  • Modern site compatibility

The web part is developed as a SPFx component which means it's compatible with the modern sites (i.e. Communication and Modern Team sites).

  • Configurable

Wide range of settings: themes, poll opening time, poll closing time, hide results, colors, custom styling, etc.

  • Secure

The User Poll is hosted on your SharePoint environment and no data is shared are sent to our servers or shared with third parties.

  • Multilingual support

Our User Poll comes with a translation file which means all labels and messages can be updated to any language. Doesn't matter what language you speak.

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