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TimeClock 365 – Employees Attendance Tracker

Timeclock 365

5.0 (3)

Time and Attendance platform. Tasks & Projects, Tracking Employees on Cloud

Track employee time, attendance and activity while gathering data to enforce work and pay rules, and manage exceptions for ongoing compliance and cost control with Timeclock 365

Timeclock 365 will make the most of your No 1 resource which is TIME. Your organization will save time and gain productivity.

Timeclock 365 is intuitive user-friendly with an attractive look and feel offering your total flexibility on how you Track Time for your employees, be they remote workers such as guards, sales-people, technicians, a mixture between office-based and road travel or purely office based.

• Online Time and Attendance Software

• Biometric Time Clocks - fingerprint readers and face - recognition terminals

• Biometric Access Control

• Tasks and Projects Management

• Time and Attendance mobile app

• Location Tracker, Field Employees Management

• Full integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

• Mobile app for a manager

• Alerts and Reminders in Real-Time

Do you know if all your employees arrived at work on time? With Timeclock 365, you will know who’s working and where they are while working, in Real-Time


• Flexible and Configurable to fit your business

• Integrate with any Payroll, HR or Accounting system

• Minimize Errors and Over Paying Employees

• Always in-sync Hours & Wage Rules

• Real-time reporting and insights

• Easy to use – Cloud-based & Mobile

• Employee Self-Service

• Always Audit-Ready


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