AEB Compliance Screening Connector

by IONAX IT-Solutions GmbH

Quick and reliable: Straightforward risk mitigation with integrated business partner screening

AEB is a leading provider of global trade software solutions. Checking business partners against global sanctions lists is mandatory for all companies. This important task forms a crucial component in trade compliance programs and efficiency relies on automation.

AEB’s Compliance Screening software checks your business partners against relevant restricted party lists in the background of your transactions – without interrupting your everyday operation. This intelligent tool can be used anywhere in the world and warns you before a business partner becomes a liability. Compliance Screening from AEB minimizes trade risks from procurement to fulfillment – avoiding costs and non-compliance consequences for your business.

The AEB Compliance Screening Connector by IONAX enables you to integrate business partner screening directly in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. It allows you to screen customers, vendors, contacts, and business prospects directly in your usual system environment.

If you already working with AEB’s Compliance Screening software, you can use our Dynamics 365 plug-in immediately. If not, you can license the software directly with AEB – just go to the website for AEB Compliance Screening to learn more. It is quick and easy. Once set up and configured, you can enjoy the integrated functionalities of AEB Compliance Screening directly in Dynamics 365.

The special compliance monitor in Dynamics 365 delivers a detailed overview of critical business transactions that enable your compliance officers to take fast decisions – without leaving your D365 application. All screenings and results are automatically logged – including the evaluations of matches, the reasons for approvals, and references from governing authorities.

IONAX‘s Connector for AEB Compliance Screening delivers full integration between your D365 F&O and the AEB trade compliance solution. Get it now to benefit from:

  • Safety, efficiency, and up-to-datedness of national and international sanctions lists
  • Real time address screening – on demand or fully automated for your address database
  • Protection and transparency through digital audit trails – ready for official audits anytime

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