VeriTouch Complaints & Service Request Management on Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services

by VeriPark

Providing automated processes for the resolution of customer complaints and service requests.

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services integrates cloud services across Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Power Platform underpinned by an industry data model, with new capabilities and customizations unique to the financial services industry.

VeriPark has created offerings on top of Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services to provide additional insight into the customer’s relationship with the bank to drive proactive actions in different areas from cross-selling to servicing to compliance.

Banking Complaint & Service Requests Capture App for FSI Cloud is used to capture the customer’s inquiries, suggestions, complaints, and requests. It provides an efficient way for staff to capture request details in a structured way, providing guidance on all the details required upfront. This is to ensure that the customer tells the story only once and to increase operational efficiency.

  • Case Capture Form
  • Subject Catalog
  • Dynamic Subject Details
  • Supporting Documents
  • SLAs & Escalations
  • Process & Tasks Orchestration

Key Benefits

  • ​​Improving complaint & SR capturing process with optimized UI and direct channel support.
  • Enhanced efficiency in complaint & SR resolution with standardized processes.
  • Reducing turnaround time and enhancing the customer experience with STP support.
  • Tailored SLAs, assignments, and resolution process flows to specific customer segments, channels, and priorities.
  • Increasing control with monitoring dashboards and root cause analysis capabilities.​

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