Cloud based digital signage solution equipped with an API to present data from your CRM/ERP/IOT.

General Description

InfoPanel is a cloud-based digital signage solution. It allows you to create a display sequence that may be composed of images, movies and boards. A board is designed to inform your customers about the status of your service in waiting areas. It may also be used for corporate communication showing KPI metrics. Additionally, a simple customer selfcare site can be implemented so your customers may check the status of their order online and subscribe to SMS notifications when the order has reached a defined status such as “ready for pickup”.

Solution Architecture

InfoPanel is cloud and web-based. No dedicated hardware is required except for the screens necessary to play the content. The screens must be equipped with a web browser (for example, a smart TV) or you may connect to any PC such as a PC HDMI stick (a PC computer in a stick case equipped with an HDMI port). Once your display sequence is configured, you may play it on a virtually unlimited number of screens.

InfoPanel service is a cloud service. You do not need to install any software on your PCs or servers. The only thing you need is to buy a subscription and manage the app using a web browser. Infopanel offers you a global reach so you may display the content in any part of the world.

Available Options

Basic (Digital Signage Solution)

The standard package offers all the features necessary to operate your digital signage solution. You may display films, images and add boards. The only limitation is that the information that will be displayed on the board must be entered manually. In some cases it may satisfy your needs, especially if the board information rarely changes such as once or twice a day in conference centers.

Standard (Digital Signage Solution + API)

This option allows you to feed the board with the information that comes from your ERP/CRM system. Eventually, the board information will be built automatically and no user attention will be necessary.

Advanced (Digital Signage Solution + API + Selfcare Portal)

his option allows you to run a simple selfcare portal. It is an open website where your customer may enter their order details and check the status of the service. They may optionally subscribe to an SMS notification that will be sent when the order is complete.

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