Live Commerce - Live streaming for eCommerce

by Visionet Systems, Inc

Enable live stream shopping for your eCommerce business to increase engagement & conversions

Live Commerce by Visionet enables eCommerce businesses to swiftly and seamlessly implement live streaming shopping on their existing eCommerce platform to increase conversions. It is an interactive live streaming marketplace where eCommerce sellers can create their own shopping channels and host live streaming shows to sell directly to a global audience. The platform is built around three imperatives:
• Human connection
• Shopper experience
• Seller scalability 

A SAAS platform that provides an opportunity to Businesses/Brands to market and sells products directly to Consumer by utilizing the reach of Influencers(Host) all brought together on a single platform powered by the state-of-the-art platform. The focus of this platform is to enable Brands to:
• Accelerating conversion. Live commerce is entertaining and immersive, keeping viewers watching longer. 
• Improving brand appeal. Done well, live commerce increases a brand’s appeal and distinctiveness and pulls in additional web traffic.
• Strengthen position among competitors. Using technology that enables the best live-shopping experience for their customers where they can seamlessly connect, interact and purchase at the same time.
Live Commerce allows eCommerce businesses to set up live stream shows through influencer hosts to improve customer engagement, get real-time engagement metrics, and encourage impulse buying all while retaining their original brand experience. 

• Event planner portal
• Base event content builder and product catalog management
• One-to-many live video shopping events 
• Product overlays with add to cart in stream
• Direct order synchronization b/w Live Commerce and retail server
• Integration with Salesforce, Magento & Shopify
• Payments through Apple Pay/Google Pay
• Product catalog management
• On-demand and recorded shows with product demos
• Session evaluations through polling and live Q&A
• Exclusive 1-1 shopping consultation experience
• Host and event planner dashboards & reports
• Attendee and host analytics
• ADA and GDPR data compliance

• Improved Conversion Rate: Engage customers at scale, improve brand experience and increase conversion rate by up to 30%.
• Enhance Brand Experience: Retain a fully branded experience, moderate customer chats directly, and get real-time analytics data.
• Seamless eCommerce Integration: Go live quickly with native connectors for your eCommerce and payments platform.

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